Whiteboard video can cover more topics and uses, than any other video style.

At the core, whiteboard video is a human voice and drawn imagery, two earliest forms of communication, and they can be adapted to any story. Most of your audience can relate to a whiteboard, but if not, change whiteboard to blackboard, or napkin, or whatever fits the message best.


They look simple, but whiteboard videos can go toe to toe with other video styles

The first thing your message needs to do is grab attention. Next you want your viewer to take action. Lastly, the message should stick in their mind.

Beyond the fact that people want to press play to consume your content, Whiteboard video comes packed with things that the human brain auto-responds to: the motion of the drawing, synchronicity of voice and visuals, and authenticity of a real hand drawing. Scribology is how we leverage these attributes, and many others, resulting in highly effective video.


We produce whiteboard videos faster and for less than other high-quality video studios.

You have a lot of content to deliver and you’re given a limited budget to create the best mix of media possible. Some content can be covered with a decent presentation deck or whitepaper. However, you want your highest-priority content to be given the best media treatment available. It’s no surprise that the best media often has the largest production times and cost.

Whiteboard video costs less than other high-quality video productions cost, without sacrificing effectiveness. All of our processes, our talent and our technology is aligned to do one thing, create effective, hand-drawn videos – and do it faster. This means that you can deliver more of your content in a highly effective video medium.