Your Message, Where Science & Art Intersect

Guided by principles of neuroscience, and crafted by Scribology-trained artists with vast experience in just about any artistic medium imaginable, your whiteboard video is hand drawn to draw in viewers. Thousands of clients keep coming back to collaborate with our TruScribe video production team. Got a challenging topic to explain? Maybe you’re presenting a major initiative that needs buy-in, or an idea ready for marketing? When you’re drawing a blank, that’s the perfect time to turn to TruScribe. We specialize in filling in the blanks-- with custom content and engaging concepts; images that surprise, delight, and intrigue. Our whiteboard videos can teach and train. They can convert leads, promote a product, or headline your next all-hands meeting. Our creativity amplifies your message to make it memorable. Whatever target you’re aiming for, you’ll find that watching the action of a hand drawing across a whiteboard naturally inspires a reaction.

Proven Process Driven by Your Goals

Expect success with our collaborative production process. For each video, we draw up milestones and deliverables in a calendar your whole team (and ours) can follow. Every project is helmed by a seasoned TruScribe producer who keeps your workflow on track and on budget. We’re experts at wrangling the boundless creativity of our artists, writers, and video editors with the logic of data management and the impeccable organization of our producers. We iterate our creative deliverables so that you’re signing off each step of the way. It’s high touch creative collaboration designed to spark inspiration- you speak with your script writer, you hear your voiceover recording session, and you work hand in hand with your artist. At the project’s conclusion, your only surprise should be how much you love your video!

Whiteboard Video – Best of All Worlds

When you work with TruScribe, you can trust that you’re working with the most experienced whiteboard company on the planet. Plus, you benefit from having science on your side, meaning higher retention. Each of the thousands of whiteboard animation videos we’ve produced has been unique. And whiteboard animation video as a format is inventive- and unexpected- which automatically grabs attention. You should also consider some of the practicalities you’ll enjoy when you choose whiteboard video. Keep your message relevant with our future-proofing options. Localize to any language for audiences across the globe. Our whiteboard videos are easily adaptable--should statistics or situations shift, just pick up the phone and call your producer. Draw comparisons to other types of video, and you’ll see that whiteboard has plenty of advantages.

Client Reactions

“I love having TruScribe calls because we almost never use up the entire meeting time and we still get everything accomplished. You're my gold standard for meeting management. Thanks for doing what you do!

Goodwill Industries International 

“I have really enjoyed working with your team. I feel this process helped us tune into our message and be clear. We also developed a fun and different kind of video to share with our teams.

Kimberly Clark

Waste Management

“Darcy and I were just talking about what a professional and fun experience it has been with your team and the processes. For me it has been the best vendor-partner experience in my career." "Agree, a perfect 10! I really appreciate how streamlined your processes are, very efficient!
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