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It’s finally here: Squigl is alive! We’re thrilled to make the big announcement and today is just the beginning. When we first launched  our whiteboard animation in its infancy last year, we were thrilled at the thousands of users, invaluable feedback, and amazing encouragement that we received. We spent months compiling feature requests, adapting to usability needs, and updating our software with the items carrying highest demand and addressing all things user feedback. We worked with several world-class partners both in Development and Digital Marketing to give our Software a face lift and build the tools our users wanted most.


Squigl, Whiteboard Animation Software


Yesterday at around 12:00noon Central Time, our Whiteboard Animation Software donned its new digs. We hope you’ll enjoy the new brand, the new community, and enjoy following along. If you haven’t tried it yet, now’s a better time than ever to see for yourself:

Stay Tuned, We’ve got a lot in store this Spring and we’re just getting started !

All best,

Andrew J. Herkert, Chief Revenue Officer


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As the first installment of our “March of Minds” retrospective, we look back at a video we produced for the TEDx Hogeschool Utrecht event from back in 2011. Age old philosophical discussions of free will have been brought to relevance due to our information rich digital advertising landscape. Is the art of persuasion, especially in the context of targeted social media marketing, overtaking our ability to think freely and rationally? Further, could this world of persuasion be justifiable if marketers are persuading people toward more positive initiatives?

Please watch this video below to explore these topics, and feel free to share it for some heavy discussion around the water cooler! Transcript is below.


Persuasion is all around us. From the wheedling request of a child, to the aggressive marketing campaign selling that new smartphone. People have become increasingly impatient with a world where they experience blatant persuasion at multiple levels.

Younger people barely watch TV any more – partly to get away from the ads… And there are a lot of sponsored tweets, branded Facebook pages, all designed to capture and change the opinions of those who don’t use “old media.” Persuasion could be seen as a negative force, but provides us with positive opportunities, too.

What seems a complex problem in science is probably an even more complex moral dilemma. For instance, when is one behavior-changing “nudge” justified by social benefit, while another is considered unacceptable? Recent developments in behavioral science shed light on how persuasion influences people’s behavior.

So these are exciting times if you are a philosopher. Should we be persuading people to stop warming the planet or forcing women to wear a burqa?

On the one end of the spectrum we could envision a world where every request and suggestion to change behavior is ‘clean’, or free of an intention-based agenda. Here, persuasion is transparent, visible, and based on shared rules. What would this world look like? Would we have to present our requests in a social vacuum? Would all communication have to be technology-mediated, to get rid of interpersonal influence? Would any previous request have to be disregarded to avoid effects of commitment and consistency? An illusion? Maybe…

On the other end of the spectrum, we can see a persuasion-driven world. Everything we see or touch is designed to influence our behavior. To get us to do things, or maybe even to NOT do things. To influence our attitudes, so we’ll shop more, or fight for favors.

Beyond selling products, certain types of behavior are being flagged as “cool” or “uncool” by celebrities and sports folk and repeated in TV reality shows, in the school playground, and in the workplace too. What music we listen to, clothes we wear, and so forth.

At the whacky end, whether the 1969 moon landings or the Holocaust really took place. Whether Elvis is still alive and whether 2012 will be the end of the (Mayan) world.

A world in which everything we see is thought-out, predefined and persuasion-profiled. Is that dystopia already with us? But let’s not be too negative: persuasion or behavioral change could very well be a way to create a better society.

There is now a whole school of thought about delivering social benefit through “benign suggestion” which is called the “Nudge Theory.” Nudge Theory holds that it is possible to influence social behavior for the good (increasing blood donation, organ transplant volunteer numbers) by making quite simple suggestions or using “peer leaders” or influential “ambassadors.”

We can’t take persuasion out of our societies: but we can harness it and move persuasion towards the benign end of the spectrum. That’s why and how we have controls on advertising for liquor, cigarettes, salty/fatty/sugar foods for children. 

Of course, the world is not black and white, persuasion versus free will. So the question that remains: How can we get ourselves and those around us to use persuasion in a morally justifiable manner?

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Where marketing is concerned is a whitepaper more effective than a case study? What’s the best way to target our next blog post? Does your company focus on mobile strategy or web strategy? What kinds of mobile integrations will enhance our product’s adoption rate? These are just a few conversation starters we heard at Content Marketing World. Any marketing professional knows that content is king, distribution is queen, and conversation is key- so it makes sense that the world’s leading marketers are constantly exploring the landscape collectively and en masse.

Where can you go for great content marketing advice?

Our friends at Enterprise Marketer have elevated that discourse. They have launched a community by marketers, for marketers- a community with an abundance of curated content and conversations that matter. EM is a great place to start learning tips and tricks from experts. The folks behind the site come with impressive pedigrees and real-world experience navigating the swift shifts and sweeping transformations affecting today’s digital marketing landscape.

In short- they know what you want to know, and they’re anticipating what you’ll want to know next.

What will you find when you hit up Enterprise Marketer?

Relevant articles on strategic content, curated from all over the web. Realistic viewpoints straight from the marketing frontlines and new marketing frontiers. Real-time conversations providing perspective, analysis, and tools you can use.

You’ll also find a little bit of TruScribe. Happy to continue one of the many conversations started at #CMW16, our Chief Revenue Officer, Andrew, along with Sam (Director of Business Development) sat down with Jeff and Michelle from EM to share insights on video storytelling to drive engagement. Check out Andrew’s blog post referencing the experience here; eavesdrop on the discussion over on EM at your leisure. And keep an eye on that space- (and this one!)- as the conversation and content keeps flowing.


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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Us at Content Marketing World

  1. Our booth (#7) is staffed with friendly TruScribe video content experts who look forward to connecting, networking and meeting you.
  1. Our Fortune 500 customers tell us we make the best whiteboard videos they’ve ever seen, done by the best artists and production staff you’ll find anywhere. Come watch a video or two and tell us what you think — we create videos, you decide.
  1. We have the most radical whiteboard software and you owe it to yourself to find out why we’re making this claim. Our software lets you type or download content and transform it into a moving message within minutes — without any previous design experience. And to ensure content is heard and understood, every video embraces a scientific framework called Scribology, geared to drive up viewer engagement and retention results.
  1. Know how to draw a glyph? Stop by and we’ll show you. We’ve developed a library of modern day hieroglyphics in an app called TruGlyph™ that creates simple, memorable images that allow you to express yourself across cultures with meaning and clarity. (In fact, TruScribe Software is powered by TruGlyph.)
  1. Get your art fix by seeing our original, hand-drawn backdrop of TruScribe images.

Stop by Content Marketing World Booth #7 – See you there!

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content marketing world logo

Cleveland, You Rock!

The TruScribe crew is in Cleveland, Ohio for Content Marketing World and we’re ready to rock and roll with our content marketing solutions. We’re looking forward to Wednesday’s sessions on everything from “Content Repurposing on Steroids” by Arnie Kuenn to “Survival Skills for Enterprise Content Strategists” by Lisa Welchman and more. With CMW’s impressive list of speakers, it’s guaranteed to be a productive content-learning extravaganza.

When the floor opens tomorrow, we invite you to stop by Booth #7 and meet the TruScribe team. We’re friendly, great conversationalists, even better listeners, and have a passion for content solutions. When you stop by, see how our enterprise whiteboard animation software transforms words into moving messages (in minutes!) while increasing content retention levels. And you’ll find out how our fully-produced whiteboard videos make content quickly engaging and well remembered.  Not to mention, we have some pretty cool TruScribe whiteboard markers you may want to check out — because who doesn’t love a good marker?

See you at Content Marketing World!

Whiteboard Animation Case Study by Volkswagen

Whiteboard Animation Case Study

Volkswagen’s Got Game


The Volkswagen brand is known for its engineering excellence, forward-thinking product styling, and its creative marketing. (Darth Vader anyone?) This creativity is part of the corporate culture, so it’s not surprising Volkswagen’s After Sales Curriculum Designer, Darrin Martin, came up with a uniquely fun and effective way to train staff – gamification.

To launch the company’s new gamified training platform, Darrin needed an innovative way to inform users about the system and show them how it would impact their training experience. He wanted a way to deliver the information that reflected the excitement of the new training. One that would increase employee engagement and retention.

Innovative Ideas Require Innovative Messaging

“We considered traditional routes such as emails or flyers, but felt like a launch of this magnitude warranted a more innovative approach,” said Darrin. “Whiteboard video really fits well with the character of what we’re trying to accomplish.  It’s engaging, fun, and dynamic while maintaining the level of professionalism required for our audience.

Why TruScribe? The Method Behind the Madness. 

Once Darrin decided to go with whiteboard video, there were a number of companies to choose from, so why did he choose TruScribe whiteboard video production services?

“Having met with several TruScribe employees and attended sessions led by the company at DevLearnSM, I was able to see the method behind the madness at TruScribe,” said Darrin. “It was their approach to training that attracted me to the brand.”

The TruScribe approach is the science of moving messages known as Scribology™, a methodology founded on principles of neuroscience and behavioral research that are shown to increase audience engagement and retention. Madness? Sure. Does it work? Absolutely.

Collaboration Works

“Our expectations were met and surpassed — the attention to detail, including the Volkswagen Academy logo on the illustration marker, were top notch,” said Darrin. “Everyone who has seen the video throughout all stages of development has been thoroughly impressed.”

As a TruScribe client, Darrin was invited to be involved in every step of the process. He provided input for the script writing, selected the voice over recording, and communicated his needs and ideas as the production evolved.

“The TruScribe team was very communicative and willing to work with my changing timeline as well,” he said. “It was a fantastic experience.”


Darrin said his experience with TruScribe and the end result provided his organization with a new perspective on how to create and deliver training content, as well as how to market their content.

“We’ve received thousands of comments on the Volkswagen Cup Introduction whiteboard animation video now that it’s available on the VW Cup site and they’ve all been positive,” he said. “People are responding very well to this new delivery technique.” 

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Truglyph App on Mobile Device

TruGlyph Mobile App

It’s easy to think that GLYPHS are the same as GIFs or Emoticons, but there’s more we can do with them. We’re glyph-fanatics, and we’re happy to spread our glyph knowledge with you.

We even created the only app in existence for creating glyphs. You can learn more here.

In a sentence, glyphs are simple, meaningful images that animate as if drawn, and when used to create videos, they increase user attention and message retention making them fantastic for marketing videos, corporate communications, training videos, and especially social content. Let’s break it down.

Glyphs enhance communication.

To understand exactly what a glyph is, you have to know how they’re used: Glyphs are used to aid and enhance communication. Communication is the successful transfer of information, and glyphs enhance this transfer by breaking down verbal language barriers. Using glyphs to makes the transfer of information easy and effective, as we are able to clearly show what we would like to say.

Glyphs are simple.

No really, they are simple images that animate as if drawn. Glyphs are made using a thick black line with limited ink. This keeps glyphs simple and easy to understand. Detailed visuals can be confusing and create barriers for people trying to gain information. Simple communication is often the most desirable. Since glyphs enhance communication, they should be simple as well. This simplicity is what makes glyphs so powerful.

Glyphs animate.

Glyphs animate to communicate information in the most effective way. Their animation captures your attention and spurs curiosity in the brain. Just as body language enhances verbal communication, the animation of glyphs enhances visual communication. Additionally, glyphs animate the way they are drawn. When you draw an Apple glyph, your apple will animate exactly the artist drew it. Animating glyphs in this way is natural and pleasing to the eye, further improving the attention of the viewer.

Glyphs are meaningful.

Glyphs are meaningful representations of words and contexts we use every day. Each and every glyph is associated with a word or context to give it meaning. This association connects glyphs to verbal language, making them powerful in better retention of your message. This makes it easier for communication across language barriers as well.

While you may not know a language, you are able to successfully communicate by showing what you would like to say with glyphs. For example, if you would like to communicate “giving someone an apple” to an acquaintance who does not speak the same language as you. You would be able to successful communicate using a “giving” and “apple” glyph. This will successfully communicate your message.

Glyphs are universal and personal.

Anyone anywhere can create glyphs. Yes, even you can draw a glyph right now with TruGlyph. Every glyph you draw is a personal representation of how you experience and understand the given word and context. This makes glyphs personal. Glyphs are also universal, as others may agree with your glyph and its meaning, making it a universal representation of that word. Glyphs are universal and personal, global and local. They unify communication while recognizing our cultural, geographic and personal differences.

Glyphs are powerful.

Glyphs are the future of Global Communication. There can be a glyph for any word in any language, in a way that is much more attuned than a GIF or emoticon. That is what makes glyphs so powerful! En mass, glyphs create a Global Visual Language that advances and enriches communication around the world.

Download TruGlyph iOS App for FREE.

Draw, Tag & Curate Glyphs. Build a Visual Language.

Do you have more questions about glyphs? What’s your favorite way to Glyph: Draw, Tag or Play? Tweet us @Truglyph! And don’t forget to Like TruGlyph on Facebook, too!


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Today Is The Worldwide Release of TruScribe Whiteboard Animation Software.



We’ve worked in software development for two years to bring the coolest business tool to our long-time customers and introduce it to our new ones. TruScribe is known for its award-winning Video Productions Services, which include Fortune 500 customers and clients from NASA to Weird Al Yankovic…and now the power to create whiteboard videos is available online and (coming soon!) at the App Store.

Our software is mobile, scalable, agile and so easy to learn, no computer graphics experience is needed. See how easy it is to make a video below. And to order your software, get a special price today only at the  TruScribe Whiteboard Animation Software page — and start creating your video today!



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eLearning, content marketing, whiteboard video, whiteboard animation

Hieroglyphic and hero-glyphic sound surprising similar, and one artist visually depicted this similarity. Artist Josh Ln combined ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics with many of our favorite modern-day heroes. The Result: Hero-Glyphics, a collection of 13 hieroglyphic hero prints.

Ancient meets modern with this unique collection that highlights the distinct characteristics of ancient hieroglyphics while featuring modern-day heroes. The collection has a Hero-Glyphic for everyone, some of which include The Avengers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Start Wars and even Ghost Busters. Check out all 13 Hero-Glyphic prints below.

Did you know you can create your own modern hieroglyphics with TruGlyph? It’s true! Find TruGlyph (FREE) in the App Store!

TruGlyph powers our whiteboard animation software. If you didn’t know:

Unlike any other whiteboard software available in the marketplace, through the use of hand-drawn art and proprietary technology, TruScribe automatically transforms words into moving imagery. The software provides businesses with a mobile tool to create effective, on-demand video messaging for business communication needs.

Hero Glyphs 12 - TruGlyph Hero Glyphs 13 - TruGlyph Hero Glyphs 11 - TruGlyph

Hero Glyphs 10 - Truglyph Hero Glyphs 9 - TruGlyph Hero Glyphs 8 - TruGlyph

Hero Glyphs 7 - TruGlyph Hero Glyphs 6 - TruGlyph Hero Glyphs 5 - TruGlyph

Hero Glyphs 4 - TruGlyph Hero Glyphs 3 - TruGlyph Hero Glyphs 2 - TruGlyph

Hero Glyphs 1 - TruGlyph


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Global Communication: There’s an App for That

We are crowdsourcing a Global Visual Language, and we’re asking creatives – artists, word nerds, and everyday folk, to join our community and contribute to our efforts to promote global communication through our TruGlyph app. And we need your help to create the TruGlyph Marketplace that will reward those that contribute in the most meaningful ways. We believe crowdsourcing and crowdfunding go hand in hand.

Crowdsource Marketplace.jpgWhile the internet and social platforms help us reach people anywhere on earth, we are worlds away from the technology helping us to be understood across languages and cultures. People are visual observers and learners, but we’re often limited to text and audio when we want to communicate in meaningful ways. We believe that a Visual Language is the first step in allowing people to communicate visually.

Visually representing even a single language is an incredible undertaking and even more so as we’re reaching across the world. Which is why we can’t do it alone, nor should we do it alone, and why crowdsourcing is the only way we will accomplish it. We want to capture how language is used differently in New York compared to Los Angeles, and how that differs from language in Buenos Aires and Singapore.

Language isn’t defined by the dictionaries that print it, but by the people that use it.

The building block of this language is the Glyph, a simple image that animates as if drawn and is associated with words and context. The community is already using our TruGlyph app to draw glyphs, tag them with words, and play games that pit glyph versus glyph asking the player to decide which has more meaning. When a glyph increases in meaning and rises up to become part of the Global Visual Language, it’s because of their efforts. Which is why we need to reward them.

TruGlyph Marketplace Kickstarter3The marketplace will be a system that allows creatives who contribute to the global visual language in the most meaningful ways to be rewarded and compensated for their efforts. This funding will allow us to continue developing the logic that determines the “meaningful” ranking of a glyph and individual member contributions to that ranking. We will add connectivity to the app allowing members to share their work, learn from each other, and grow a following around their work. Lastly we will build content that will teach members how to contribute in the most meaningful way so they can earn rewards from the marketplace.

Watch the video below to learn more about our TruGlyph Marketplace Kickstarter.

Contribute Now!


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The plane tickets are purchased, the booth is prepped and the whiteboard markers are packed — we’re ready. We’re excited to announce we’ll be taking the Science of Scribology on the road to the Association for Talent Development: International Conference and Exposition 2016 in Denver, Colorado from May 22-25. It’s the number one trade show for training and development professionals from around the globe.

Last year was a banner year for TruScribe at ATD

In 2015 we won the Best Island Booth award for the entire conference. Designed by our very own Chief Innovation Officer Eric Oakland, the innovative booth design perfectly matches our video production philosophy — first grab the attention of trade show participants across the expo hall, then retain them at the booth with the Science of Scribology and our engaging, knowledgeable Scribology Specialists.

Reach Out or Find Us at ATD

Are you going to be at ATD 2016? Reach out to us before the show on Twitter at @TruScribeVideos or email us at to set up an appointment to meet at Booth #1739.

And for those of you unable to make it to the Mile High City, keep an eye out on our Facebook page and across our social media channels for groundbreaking news that we’ll be unveiling at the conference.

Moving your message will never be the same.