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The Business Benefits of Mobile Video

What are the two fastest-growing forms of marketing on the internet? Well, if you were to consult a digital marketing specialist, the answer would unanimously be Mobile and Video. Not only has there been a phenomenal rise in smartphone use over the past 5 years; but video has also become the go-to online medium for […]

Who Is Using Video Marketing?

In answering this question, anyone and everyone who has a business wants theirs to have a greater online presence. Previously, it was only the large companies that could use videos as a way to market their business because they had the funds to do it. Yet it now possible for small businesses to have their […]

The Fastest Way to a First-Page Google Ranking

According to Forrester Research, videos used in marketing are 50 times more likely to receive an organic first-page ranking than traditional text pages. It’s a pretty mind-blowing statistic considering most businesses, small and large, are not utilizing video nearly enough. Just imagine the effect you could have on your business with engaging videos ranked all […]

YouTube Now Favoring High View-Through Rates

Have you noticed anything different about your YouTube viewing experience? Perhaps not, but due to a new video algorithm that just went into place, every single video on the popular video site will be affected. The new algorithm takes into account the view-through rate of a video as a large determining factor for search position […]

Video Scribing vs. Whiteboard Animation – Part 1

As this niche industry grows we’re already seeing lots of individuals/freelancers who can draw dive into whiteboard videos. I was telling Jim a few months back that we’d be seeing video companies add these to their services or spin off smaller departments, and we’re starting to see that as well. What’s great about this is […]

YouTube is the Next Twitter

You know that video is important. You know that all of the progressive companies are using it. You want it and you know that you need it. But, why do you need it? If you are the person that created a YouTube account in 2005 because you thought it would be cool, I am sure […]

5 Fundamentals of Video Scribing?

You’ve seen video scribing. That’s how you got here. You know what it is, and from a distance it all has a similar feel. Here’s a short list what all video scribing entails: A message A voice-over A hand quickly drawing images and text The images are black on a white background with a color […]

We are Message Bringers

This whiteboard video was created for Susan Weinschenk of Human Factors International. She had recently written the book, Neuro Web Design – What Makes them Click and was looking for ways to promote her book. But after some discussion we decided to start by creating a video for HFI instead. HFI’s success with their first […]