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The TruScribe process is efficient and iterative.

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Bessie Cherry

Managing Producer

Bessie is an air traffic controller, copy writer, phone call extraordinaire, and also the brain of our daily operations. Somehow, someway, Bessie achieves the impossible on a regular basis for our stakeholders.

Jim Schroeder

V.P. of Sales

Ask him about our client-base and how TruScribe's business development team works round the clock to stay on mission for all stakeholders. Jim has a vast background in Leadership, Government and International business.

Jim Herkert


Gets. It. Done. Nobody knows how. Since 2013 he has architected our systems and implemented incredible foundation for growth. Jim's leadership is irreplaceable.

Eric Oakland


The guy who started it all. Almost a decade since founding the idea of Scribology and creating what we still know today as the first ever TruScribe Whiteboard Videos, Eric's passion and commitment are unwavering.

This is the team taking your video strategy to the next level.

Day in and day out, they're working with media & communications professionals like you. TruScribe has offices nationwide and serves public, private, and government clients and agencies in all US markets, and a whole bunch of global companies, too.



Scribology is our proven methodology to grab attention, boost retention, and improve understanding. 12-ish principles of Scribology steer everything we do- from content to collateral, and even our communication. TruScribe videos are moving messages guided by science. When our effectiveness is put to the test, our videos ace it, no matter the target—marketing, HR, learning and development, biomedical-even the occasional hit record.


TruScribe artists are trained in Scribology- but their experience goes far beyond the whiteboard. They’ve concepted thousands of videos; each one is unique and tailored to a client’s needs. Our team’s unparalleled creativity goes to work for you, whether you need just the right visual metaphor for change management, or you’re trying to explain a complex scientific topic in a way that will engage a classroom.


Our production team helps you hit your budget and your deadlines by following a workflow-driven process devised with creative flexibility in mind. Our process is collaborative, iterative, and hands-on. Throughout the experience you’ll be guided by your own producer. After a few short weeks, you’ll have a fully custom video, hand drawn by a professional artist, infused with Scribology and designed to fit your particular audience and meet your specific goals.


Since 2012, TruScribe has produced more standout whiteboard animation videos than any other company on the planet. More importantly, our celebrated team of creatives has inspired thousands of clients with our imagination and innovation. We’re subject matter experts, advisors, and allies with your interests in mind. Our clients appreciate the unyielding quality of our service and our attention to detail. Plus, we make it fun and easy along the way.

Teams at Microsoft, Qualcomm, Nestle, and hundreds more of the world’s best companies- big and small- trust TruScribe.

Scribology™ Adds Science To Your Story
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