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Watch our latest whiteboard animation collaboration. IEX received their video with plenty of time to prepare for a write-up in the Wall Street Journal. A big thanks to the IEX team for giving us insight on the amazing way they are going to fix what’s wrong with the stock market and investing.

CAPTURE ATTENTION with Whiteboard Animation

Your audience wants video and the numbers are showing it. The average viewer watches 20 hours of video each month. YouTube is the 3rd most viewed website in the world. Video is 50x more search friendly than text and by 2015 90% of all online-traffic will be video.

Tell the WHOLE STORY with Whiteboard Animation

Instead of giving them "You" content, try focusing on "Them", and with whiteboard animation you can break out of the 30-90 second noose. You have the time to give them the whole story, everything they need to make the right decision. And the Hand-drawn style reinforces your authenticity.

Share the COMPLEX STUFF with Whiteboard Animation

Your audience can't withstand the stacks of facts and figures. But when you need to drill down, dive deep, and untangle your topic, our whiteboard animation style (Scribology™) will simplify and clearly relay your message straight into the viewer's brain folds.


...because we've delivered more whiteboard animation videos than any other studio, we've worked on more scripts, more topics, with more companies worldwide. And we want YOUR MESSAGE to benefit from that experience. That's all we're saying.

  • How Learning Solution Con Attendees Could Win a Free TruScribe Video

    <>Thu, 13 Mar 2014

    We're attending the Learning Solutions 2014 Conference and Expo in Orlando FL from the 18th to the 20th. To get our team and your team psyched up to attend we want to hand out a few free TruScribe whiteboard videos. 

    There will be 2 chances to receive a video. The first opportunity will be leading up to the conference. The second will be on the 19th during the conference. These videos will be playing at our booth #308 during the expo, AND if you are one of the 20-40 lucky winners we will get ahold of you after the show and send you your video so you can share it with your team.<... read more
    Kee Reading > How Learning Solution Con Attendees Could Win a Free TruScribe Video

  • Announcing Scribe For

    <>Thu, 09 Jan 2014

    Scribe For Education

    In 2013, the team here at TruScribe really stepped up our game in terms of acquiring new business, meeting project goals, and making a unique product that impresses and astounds. And in the spirit of these successes, we were happy to provide whiteboard video messages for a number of nonprofit organizations, work that was completed pro bono.

    Most recently, these projects included Magazine Literacy, which uses periodicals to promote reading skills in all ages, and... read more
    Kee Reading > Announcing Scribe For

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