CAPTURE ATTENTION with Whiteboard Animation

Your audience wants video and the numbers are showing it. The average viewer watches 20 hours of video each month. YouTube is the 3rd most viewed website in the world. Video is 50x more search friendly than text and by 2015 90% of all online-traffic will be video.

Tell the WHOLE STORY with Whiteboard Animation

Instead of giving them "You" content, try focusing on "Them", and with whiteboard animation you can break out of the 30-90 second noose. You have the time to give them the whole story, everything they need to make the right decision. And the Hand-drawn style reinforces your authenticity.

Share the COMPLEX STUFF with Whiteboard Animation

Your audience can't withstand the stacks of facts and figures. But when you need to drill down, dive deep, and untangle your topic, our whiteboard animation style (Scribology™) will simplify and clearly relay your message straight into the viewer's brain folds.


...because we've delivered more whiteboard animation videos than any other studio, we've worked on more scripts, more topics, with more companies worldwide. And we want YOUR MESSAGE to benefit from that experience. That's all we're saying.

  • Getting Past "Mission Statement" Jargon towards Authenticity

    <>Mon, 21 Jul 2014

     Wierd AlFirst off, It was a fantastic experience for our whole team to create a whiteboard video with Al Yankovic. While it may seem like he's just poking fun at corporate lingo, he's actually doing us a favor. He's pointing out a pitfall any of us could fall into.

    Jargon is an important part of any culture. Jargon lets you know who’s a part of your circle and who’s not. When people within a group use slang, nicknames, and acronyms, it makes them more ... read more
    Kee Reading > Getting Past "Mission Statement" Jargon towards Authenticity

  • Learning from ASTD

    <>Thu, 22 May 2014

    The entire TruScribe Team that attended ASTD ATD had a fun and productive time exhibiting. Washington D.C. provided nearly perfect weather and lots of great sites.

    We went to the International Conference with the express goal of making a meaningful impact on the Learning and Development community. The response we received from those who attended mirrored those expectations. It was fantastic. It was mentioned more than once that none of us had worked a tradeshow booth where people started the conversation with, "I love what you do!" That makes 3 long days of standing, smi... read more
    Kee Reading > Learning from ASTD